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Move Beyond ERP

Take control of your entire business, from services to manufacturing, supply chain to sales with Sage X3. The software for established businesses looking for greater efficiency, flexibility, and insight.

With customizable software that adapts to the way your team thinks, your company will be more productive – no matter when or where they’re working. Multisite? Multicurrency? Multinational? Multi-ledger? It will all move forward together with Sage X3.

Sage X3 helps businesses thrive and stay competitive in the face of growing complexity and competitive pressures. Regain control and agility, with a faster, simpler, and flexible business management solution that will grow with your business—Sage X3, the last enterprise solution you will ever need.

Sage X3 can be hosted on-site, in the cloud, or hybrid, has In-depth business intelligence and analysis available, and can be purchased by Subscription or Perpetual license.

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Finance Management

Control your bottom line with accuracy and real-time global visibility while accommodating local operational requirements. Whether you operate across multiple sites or multiple countries, Sage X3 delivers real-time data visibility to enhance your strategic decision making and manage your bottom line.

Budget & Accounting

Sage X3 covers financial, personnel, cost and budget accounting, commitments, and fixed assets. In addition, it easily handles transfers from one country to another, and between subsidiaries and your headquarters.

  • General ledger with multiple charts of accounts
  • Accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • Cash flow management
  • Bank management
  • Cost and analytical accounting
  • Expenditures
  • Budgets and commitments

Fixed Assets

Sage X3 enables you to effectively and efficiently track your organization’s fixed assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • Numerous depreciation models
  • Fixed asset lifecycle with traceability of capital expenditure
  • Interim statements and closing
  • Fixed asset stock count and financing
  • Franchised asset management
  • Financial reporting and dashboards

Financial Reporting

Provide your team with the information they need to make faster and more strategic decisions.

  • Real-time analytics, alerts, and notifications
  • User-defined dashboards based on trigger events
  • Configurable inquiries on any data table, with automatic or manual joins, sorting, and selection
  • Inquiries to search and filter predefined data collections using a variety of prebuilt parameters
  • Library of over 400 reports supplied as standard, including legal reports
Supply Chain Management

Keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status.

Sage X3 offers full integration with sales, inventory, purchasing, financing, and manufacturing to help you improve your supply chain efficiency and keep up with customer demand.


Sage X3 helps you seamlessly manage the purchasing process from beginning to end, starting with management of requests for quotes (RFQs), input and follow-up of replies, and integration into the price list base.

  • Supplier and product category management
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Purchase planning, ordering, and requests
  • Purchase orders, delivery, and scheduling
  • Requests for proposal
  • Open orders, budget accounting
  • Multi-level signature management
  • Supplier invoice entry and returns

Inventory Management

Sage X3 helps you keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status.

  • Product data and multiple units of measure
  • Location management
  • Inventory balances
  • Quality control and sampling
  • Replenishment, inter-site transfers
  • Order release
  • Stock movements
  • Import tracking
  • Mobile apps

Sales Management

Provide the best customer experience while improving your top line performance with quick and easy access to information concerning products, price lists, discounts, and carriers.

  • Product configurator, options, and variants
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Sales commissions
  • Quotes, contracts, and open orders
  • Multi-level credit checking and order entry
  • Order preparation, delivery, packing, and shipping
  • Customer returns
  • Invoicing and reminders
  • Inventory inquiries and allocations

Customer service

Sage X3 empowers you to delight your customers with exceptional service. Full integration with sales, inventory, purchasing, finance, and manufacturing provides a complete understanding of customer activity—all within a single business management solution.

  • Contact management
  • Sales force automation
  • Customer call center support
  • Warranty/Service order management
  • Solution knowledge base
  • Marketing campaigns
Production Management

Get to market quickly and efficiently by managing all your manufacturing processes with one solution.

Sage X3 delivers the flexibility you need to manage your production processes, from planning and scheduling to quality control so you can get to market quickly and efficiently.

BOM Planning

Sage X3 delivers robust single and multi-level bill of materials (BOM) management to ensure the highest levels of product consistency, quality, and collaboration.

  • Multi-bill of materials (commercial, production, sub-contracting, etc.)
  • Current bills of material
  • Mass maintenance
  • Product and bill of materials change management
  • Version number management (major and minor version)

Shop Floor Control

Sage X3 empowers you to prioritize, track, and manage all aspects of your production leading to improved planning, scheduling, and costing.

  • Collection of labor time
  • Direct labor (setup and run)
  • Indirect labor (breaks and indirect time)
  • Actual and elapsed time
  • Multi-tasking (synchronized or unsynchronized)
  • Automatic breaks
  • Time and attendance (clock in/out)
  • Indirect time entry (clock in/out)
  • Break time entry (clock in/out)
  • Team entry
  • Shop floor tracking workbench

Quality Control

Sage X3 provides the tools and workflow capabilities needed to maintain and retain the highest quality standard, including proactive monitoring through complete product traceability.

  • Batch and sub-batch number management
  • Serial number management
  • Use-by date management
  • Stock status management: accepted, rejected, inspected
  • Re-inspection date management
  • Stock sub-status management
  • Quality control record creation
  • Quality control procedures with analysis request
  • Expiry date management
  • Upstream and downstream traceability management

Project Management

Sage X3 helps you manage successful and profitable projects through their entire lifecycle with robust, integrated project management capabilities.

  • Project work and product breakdown structures (PBS and WBS)
  • Multi-level description of the tasks, preparing the operational and manufacturing process
  • Project cost breakdown structure (CBS)
  • Multi-level description of budgets, facilitating project cost follow-up
  • Employee assignments to various operations
  • Advanced project duplication function
  • Financial follow-up function to monitor the budget and expenses of projects
  • Time entries to enter the time spent on a project at the operation, task, and budget level

1. Functionality, Not Complexity

Sage X3 provides your company with deep and broad first-class functionality while remaining simple to implement and to use.

2. Integration, Not Interface

Software integration means that they exchange real-time information, share a common database and user interface, and, more importantly, evolve together. Many ERP systems are hiding functional gaps by offering a ‘modular design’, which often requires custom interfaces and complex maintenance. Only Sage X3 gives you both rich and fully integrated functionality in all areas of your business for accounting and financial management, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relationship management, and manufacturing.

3. Scalability, Not Add-Ons

Evolution means the ability for your system to grow with your business, without requiring costly upgrades or module add-ons. Sage X3 integrated design provides your company with all the functions it needs now and in the future at no additional license charge. You can simply activate the functions as you need them. It’s all there from the beginning.

4. Browser Based, Not Web-Enabled

Browser-based means that your system can be accessed the same way in both client/server and Web mode. Some ERP software systems may offer a customized Web connection to dedicated functions, but few can provide your company with the ability to operate the system locally or through the Web in the exact same fashion.

Think of the advantage you could have with this advanced communicative architecture when expanding your business over multiple sites, or considering developing relationships with premier suppliers, partners, or customers!

5. Multi-Site, Multi-Country by Design

Global trade requires global tools. Not only is Sage X3 available in over 23 languages and legislations – including China – allowing users to access the system in their own language wherever they are, but country-specific parameters, such as legal and market requirements, are centralized to offer a single global solution.

6. Low Cost of Ownership

With functionality and ease of use, cost of ownership might be among your first selection criteria. And of course, all ERP vendors claim to provide their customers with the best possible return on investment. But when it comes to the total cost of your project, the cost might not be as low as you thought, as your company certainly will require more services to customize its solution.

Sage built Sage X3 to drastically reduce the time of implementation and customization while providing most of the advanced features you need as a standard because reducing the cost from the implementation is the best way to guarantee a faster return on investment.

7. Commitment to Success, Not Loyalty Programs

How much time have you spent arguing to get some support from well-known software vendors? With experienced and competent Sage X3 Consultants at Consultingbord, your company will enjoy proactive support backed by a world-leading business software provider, Sage.

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