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Direct HireSimple, Integrated Recruitment Software To Source Talent Directly And Faster.

Direct Hire Recruitment Software is the ultimate applicant tracking system, candidate sourcing, and recruitment management tool, all rolled into one.

Sourcing and hiring top talent in a fast, efficient, and compliant manner is crucial for your business. Direct Hire Recruitment Software makes recruitment simple and will improve your organization’s recruitment performance. Direct Hire is an online cloud-hosted HR recruitment software that makes recruitment simple by automating your recruitment processes, allowing you to recruit faster and more efficiently for less.

Direct Hire Recruitment Software is offered on a Software-as-a-Service basis which ensures that our clients enjoy a lower cost of ownership and mitigate the technology risk. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, easy to deploy and easy to use, can be configured to a your requirements, and can be integrated into existing ERP and HR systems.

Direct Hire Recruitment Software will create significantly better results.


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Manage Jobs- Process vacancy approvals, match candidates to jobs, track progress & more.

  • Custom requisition forms.
  • Custom requisition approval workflow.
  • Requisition status tracking.
  • Custom company job profile template library.
  • Task delegation to individual HR users or HR teams, approvers, and Hiring managers.
  • Auto-match candidates.
  • Automated workflow on approval.
  • Automated approval notifications.
  • Attach documents.
  • Add & manage notes.

Job Advertising- At the click of a button, send your adverts to job portals, social media and your company website.

  • Customizable career site linked with your organization’s website (Internal and external).
  • Automated advertising of vacancies and responses to 300+ local and international job portals(eg: CareerWeb, Careers24, Bizcommunity, etc).
  • Automated advertising to social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Automated online customizable vacancy specific applicant screening for all sources.

Screen Candidates- Screen all candidates that apply through all your sources.

  • Customizable multiple choice, elimination questions, and text based questions per vacancy.
  • Question template library.
  • Applications are automatically rejected or accepted via an automated email or SMS process.

Auto-Response & messaging- Auto-reject unsuitable candidates and send bulk personalized messages.

  • Fully customizable automatic notification and messaging templates.
  • Automates regretting unsuitable candidates.
  • Keep candidates, agencies, and managers informed in real time, cutting down administration.
  • Send messages to candidates, hiring managers, and agencies.

Applicant Tracking- Track applicants throughout the entire recruitment process easily.

  • Custom candidate records
  • Custom application workflow
  • Notification and messaging management.
  • Credential verification workflow.
  • Interview requests and scheduling.
  • Candidate Relationship Management.
  • Application history.
  • Onboarding.
  • Document management.
  • Suitable candidate alerts.
  • Applicant self-service.

Social- Post job ads and status updates to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Post job ads to LinkedIn jobs
  • Post jobs to the free Facebook Direct Hire App
  • Post Job ads to Twitter with auto # tags

Careers Website- Powerful customizable easy to implement job portals for your company website.

  • Customize your jobs page to exactly match your website.

Online Training- Online videos & training tutorials make learning a breeze.

  • Covering all areas of the system.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Or utilize our free, personal customer support.

Search- Powerful, intuitive search lets you find things in a flash.

  • Keyword search on resumes to find people in an instant.
  • Structured search on any fields.
  • Geo-search candidates based on location.
  • Add search results to vacancies in a single click.
  • Search tips and tutorials help every user search like an expert.

Task Management- Tasks & reminders to help manage your busy day.

  • Create and manage tasks.
  • View tasks in list view.
  • Assign tasks to other users.
  • Link tasks to Candidates and Jobs.
  • Specify Task priorities.

Reporting & Analytics- Gain deep insights into your organizations recruitment instantly.

  • Management Reporting.
  • Basic Candidate, vacancy, workflow, and source reports.
  • Advanced Smart Reporting.
  • Advanced dashboards.

Recruitment Vendor Management- Manage all of your recruitment partners in one place.

  • Separate Individual agency website access.
  • Vacancy allocation workflow.
  • Agency tiers.
  • Agency applicants upload facility.
  • Agency applicant tracking.
  • Automated preferred supplier applications through the company website.
  1. 70% increase in scarce skill applications
  2. 55% reduction in time to fill
  3. 35% reduction in recruitment administration
  4. 65% reduction in total cost per hire
  5. Mobile optimized – Direct Hire is fully mobile-enabled allowing recruiters and candidates to interact with each other wherever whenever.
  6. Local Support – A dedicated support team at your fingertips that has unparalleled experience in solving real world recruitment challenges.

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