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Consultingbord provides structured enterprise business management software Solutions with a focus on integrated and turnkey applications. We provide advisory services, and recommend, sell, implement and support business management software solutions to desiring prospects and clients.

Our mission is to help our clients run their enterprise business management software solutions more effectively, and gain greater insight into their business activities and objectives for control and decision-making.

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Software Implementation

Software implementation needs to meet scope, timeline, budget, and have the company’s software seamlessly integrated. We want your software and business to run perfectly for you.

Website Development

Your website is a critical component of your business and should be designed by a professional company. It is many times the first impression of your business to prospective clients and can tip the scales between someone choosing your company, or someone else.

Payroll Bureau

We offer a full and comprehensive spectrum of payroll management services; we act as a partner to our clients, keeping up with the latest employment legislation, to make sure you remain compliant and stress-free!

Process Automation

BPA software emphasizes automating activities that are consistently performed, time-sensitive, can bottleneck other functions, and/or have compliance considerations; it minimizes costs, and increases efficiency.


We combine our expertise with accounting skills and systems experience, tailoring our services and solutions your satisfy your technology needs.

End-User Support

Clients can have access to our Customer Support Area. We will assist you with functional and technical support when you need it the most. Our support services are available to existing and non-existing clients.

Bespoke Development

Where necessary, our team will develop customized solutions. We specialize in stand-alone custom applications, and systems integration.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Adopting Secure Cloud Hosting for your deployment will give you access to real-time IT support and Cyber Security, consolidating your technology stack maintenance to one hand to shake.

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