Software Implementation Service

Our Implementation Methodology

Together with our clients, we help evaluate business opportunities and present value propositions tailored to the size of each business. For this, we bet on the professionalism, technical capacity and our method of implementing the desired solution.

Requirement Gathering

Our consultants analyze the procedures and work methods applied in the client’s business and evaluate the possible scenarios for achieving their goals. We gather enough information about the current situation and define the high-level project scope.

A high-level understanding needs to be reached concerning the objectives and deliverables for the long and short term in order to create a well-informed strategy.


At this stage, we define how the business requirements will be implemented by specifying exact project plans and timelines.

Then, with details of the resources available for the project,  from both parties; a clear and detailed project baseline is then created and development commences.


Once our clients are satisfied that the solution meets their business requirements, the system will be deployed into their live environment. Staff will be trained in order to make sure that the business software application deployed is successful, supported, and owned by the users.

Test packs and a test environment provided by the business unit will be used together to confirm that the solution works properly.


This is the official start of the implementation project. Here, the overall goal is to define and agree upon all the business process requirements related to proffered solutions.

It includes recoding and documenting the current business processes, register current points that are challenging, as well as the impact of system changes which may be necessary for the overall success of the implementation.


The system is configured, tested and stress tested so that it can be proven to meet the client’s business needs and requirements.

After this, it is submitted for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) through a series of testing simulations. The process will prove whether the solution is robust and working well.


Our clients will start using the software as our consultant assist them closely.

To ensure that the change control management is effected, and the staff members are confident with the operation of the solutions provided, live transactions are processed and reports are generated.

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